How To Use The Amour Body Oil


Drop Liquid

Add a drop of oil to the desired area you want to cover.

Gently Rub & Spread

When the amount you wish is dispersed, gently rub it and massage the oil into your skin. Watch the layer of glow be added to your skin as you spread the oil and lather it into your skin.

Attract & Allure

Once you have the oil in your skin, watch how peoples heads turn towards you and how many new looks come your way... be ready!

Strawberry Shortcake

A sweet and fruity desert scent, with notes of ripe strawberries, cheesecake, and syrupy goodness, rounded out by a soft hint of vanilla. 🍓🍦🍰

Vanilla Cream

A bright and lively scent, with notes of vanilla, orange, and cream, combined with the sweet fragrance of lilac, and grounded by the earthy scent of custard. 🍦🍨

Cinnamon Bun

A sweet and delicious scent, that makes you feel you are coming hot out of an oven oozing with creamy deliciousness. 🥵

Peach Perfect

A sweet and fruity scent, with notes of ripe peaches, juicy nectarines, and luscious strawberries. 🍑🍓🍦

Birthday Cake

An inviting scent giving you the feeling of being celebrated and delicious! Cakey and creamy goodness instore!! 🎂

Twisted Mango

A refreshing and uplifting scent that blends the sweetness of ripe mango and tangy tangerines with the delicate aroma of fresh roses. 🌹🍊🍑

Fragrance Descriptions

Pair your favorite blends with your preferred scents offered for our Body Juice Oil.

  • ★★★★★


    the smell is soo amazinggg,
    Definitely recommend applying right after your shower for a longer lasting sweet smell. I definitely will be buying again and trying the other scents!!

    Shonesha, K.

  • ★★★★★

    my hubby is OBSESSED!

    This strawberry shortcake body juice will have you smelling like a whole snack and that's the truth. Just be prepared for your man to pounce on you, mine couldn't stop smiling haha! Run and grab this and make sure you grab me a few.

    Marian, P.

  • ★★★★★

    the smell is SOO good & lasts!

    I absolutely love the smell of this and it is absolutely great for moisturizing your skin. When I apply it in the morning around 7AM, it lasts until the end of the day when I get home. Also, it doesn't have like a whole lot of like chemicals that burn your skin or like if you get it close to your mouth or anything like that it's not going to harm anything.

    Shantel, s.

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